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And the castings keep rolling in for the redundantly titled Master: God of Noodles, the upcoming KBS melodrama adapted from a manhwa that combines noodle-making with revenge. Well, they say revenge is a dish best served cold. (Badum-ching!) Now Jung Yumi (Maids) has been cast in the leading lady role, and Baro (Angry Mom) is set to portray a childhood counterpart to a lead character.

Jung Yumi’s character is described as having suffered through a difficult childhood and adolescence, which toughens her up, though she’s got a soft heart underneath the outer shell. It doesn’t say explicitly that she’ll have a loveline with our hero, but this is a K-drama so is there really any chance she won’t? That would be the character played by Chun Jung-myung (Heart to Heart), and he’ll be out to reclaim his stolen identity and mete out revenge on the wrongdoer. While also learning how to make a killer bowl of noodles, of course, since he’ll also be aiming to become the master at that.

He’ll have stiff competition in Jo Jae-hyun’s character, another master of noodles who happens to have stolen his identity when they were younger in a desperate bid to change his life and pull himself out of dire straits. Baro will play the young version of the character, which is great casting because even though we’ve seen him play the asshole before (Angry Mom), he’s really best at being the sweet, innocent youngster that you can’t help but feel for (Answer Me 1994, God’s Gift—14 Days). That will go a long way toward humanizing our future villain before he decides to toughen himself up to survive in the harsh world, growing into an ambition-filled adult.

Master: God of Noodles will dish out its revenge starting April 20, airing as a Wednesday-Thursday drama.

Jung Yumi, Baro added to Master: God of Noodles,drama torrent

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