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 Subject: Justice for Tyra Patterson

 Imagine being locked up for a crime you didn’t commit. Tyra Patterson has spent 19 years behind bars despite her innocence.

 On September 20, 1994, fifteen-year-old Michelle Lai tragically lost her life in a senseless robbery that ended in murder.

 That night, Tyra had accompanied her best friend to look for her car keys. Unfortunately, she found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Tyra left her apartment for what was supposed to be a quick search for the keys and unexpectedly ended up at the scene of a confrontation that escalated into a crime.

 She barely knew one of the co-defendants and had never met three of them before the night of the shooting.  When Tyra saw the would-be shooter acting aggressively toward the victims, she tried to stop her. When her efforts failed, she left the scene. As soon as Tyra heard that someone had been shot, she called 911. As Tyra was calling 911, the shooter and her accomplices were fleeing to a motel room where they smoked crack and had sex.  Tyra called 911 because she wanted to help the victims.  

 After hours of police interrogation and intimidation, Tyra gave a false confession. Unfortunately, as we know from the Central Park Five and other cases, false  confessions occur all too frequently.

 At trial, Tyra’s lawyers did not introduce the 911 call and did not explain the concept of false confessions to the jury. Tyra’s lawyers didn’t fight for her. We now have an opportunity to do so.

 Tyra deserves to come home.

 You can help. Please check out the website: You can learn more about the case, listen to the 911 call Tyra made, and read Tyra’s affidavit,  the results of polygraph examinations of all of the co-defendants, affidavits from 6 jurors stating that the new evidence would have changed their minds, reports from experts on false confessions, and more.

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I hope you will join me in helping to bring Tyra Patterson home.

Tyra sends her thanks for taking time out of your day to read this email.