If you live in Cincinnati, you’ve probably seen individuals selling a newspaper called Streetvibes around the city. Tyra is the cover story for the latest issue of Streetvibes.

Streetvibes considers itself Cincinnati’s “alternative news source,” and it’s motto is “advocating justice, building community.”

Streetvibes is different from traditional news sources because it focuses on homelessness and other social justice issues and is published by the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless.

Streetvibes distributors are usually homeless or formerly homeless individuals who are looking for work or individuals who are disabled or elderly and on a fixed income. The distributors buy the copy for 50 cents and sell it for a $1.50 donation. The program has helped hundreds of people find and maintain housing.

Streetvibes was interested in Tyra’s story because it’s a social justice issue and one that more people need to learn about. Tyra has been wrongfully incarcerated for 19 years. The more people learn about this injustice, the more pressure will build on the Ohio Parole Board and Governor Kasich to do the right thing and set an innocent woman free.

Please sign the petition at http://www.change.org/justicefortyra and if you’re in Cincinnati, pick up the latest copy of Streetvibes. You’ll be helping both Tyra and the distributor.