20 years ago, Michelle Lai tragically lost her life in the midst of a horrible chain of events. Although this website is dedicated to freeing Tyra Patterson, Tyra wanted us to take this week to emphasize how the larger tragedy was Michelle’s passing.

Life is incredibly fragile, and the Lai family knows this as well as any family that has experienced great loss. Because of the actions of a certain group of people, which Tyra was not apart of, an innocent, 15-year-old girl, tragically lost her life. No one or thing can ever replace that life that could have been, Tyra is well aware of this and, every day, thinks of Michelle and the life she could have had.

If Michelle were still alive, she would be 34 years old. She would have graduated high school. She may have chosen to start a career right after high school or maybe go to college. She could have gotten married, had children, even built a family. Sadly, this was not the course that her life would take. She left behind friends and family who would never see her smile again.

Tyra asks that all who read this take today and the weekend to reflect on the loss sustained by the Lai family. As much as Tyra deserves to be free, even more so, Michelle deserves to be alive today. In addition to this weekend, Tyra wants every one helping with her cause, or who reads this post, to keep in mind the other, more devastating tragedy that took place on September 20, 1994, Michelle Lai’s death.

If you are or are not a praying person, or in general if you are having trouble thinking of a reflection, we wanted to provide you one below:

May Michelle continue to rest in peace, knowing that those she left behind miss and love her. Nothing will ever make up for Michelle’s life being cut short, but I want to send my thoughts (or prayers) to those that have been affected by this tragedy. No parent should have to bury a child, and I hope that all the peace, grace, and healing in the world would come to the Lai family and those who were close to Michelle.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and keeping Michelle in your thoughts. The Lai family, Michelle’s friends, and Tyra greatly appreciate it.