6 individuals passed polygraphs corroborating Tyra’s innocence- 4 co-defendants, Tyra herself, and a witness.

Although polygraphs are only admissible in Ohio if both sides agree to them, the fact that six individuals passed polygraphs serves as compelling evidence of Tyra’s innocence.

As polygraph expert Don Clark states, “The fact that the six examinees all passed when the polygraphs were conducted by four different specialists with over 85 years combined experience serves as strong evidence of the reliability and validity of the results.”

Here are some relevant results from the examinations:

Polygraph examination report for Tyra Patterson:

“Did you physical[ly] steal that jewelry from that girl? (NO)”

Polygraph examination report for Becca Stidham:

“Q: Did Tyra call 911 to get help after the shooting?”

“A: YES”

Polygraph examination report for Joe Letts:

“Did you witness Tyra take a necklace or any other items from anyone in the Chevette? (NO)”

Polygraph examination report for Angela Thuman:

“Did Tyra try to pull you away from the victims car during the robbery? (YES)”

Polygraph examination report for LaShawna Keeney:

“Did Tyra try to stop the robbery of the victims inside the Chevette, by telling you to leave those girls alone? (YES)”

Polygraph examination report for Kellie Johnson:

“Q: Did Tyra snatch a necklace from anyone in the Chevette?

A: No.”

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