I believe it was Martin Luther King, Jr. who stated from Birmingham Jail, in April of 63′, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” This could never be more true than the life and experience of my situation. We’ve been through eight attorneys with the same request, and all the money, and of course the same outcome with a little more progress. However, I found gratitude in each and every last one of them because if it wasn’t getting me far, I didn’t know anything about it, but each new attorney gave me hope, which kept me going. Others had good intentions but we all knew that my case was highly sensationalized by media hype, and with little help from the parole board, but I continued to pray and do my time in a constructive way. I knew one day I would find that one person to articulate the facts of this case. So I held on to my faith and kept a positive attitude, and since I couldn’t fight on my own God blessed me, and defeat was no longer an option for me, especially now that I have a team: O.J.P.C., friends, family, and even strangers fighting for me.

It is not in the best interest of any one person to be overwhelmed and overburdened with facing alone this injustice, which drains the energy out of our Great Nation. And as Geraldine Ferraro once stated in a 1984 Vice Presidential campaign speech, “there are no doors we cannot unlock.” This is exactly what my team of supporters is doing for me. I, they cant do it without you all, and having each and every last one of you sacrificing a minute, moment, prayer, and your voice which have worked miracles already.

Good friends Andrea Dewar, A.K.A. Pigeon, and Tina Mcfall, A.K.A. Firecracker, wrote: “Tyra doesn’t need just one man (David Singleton) She needs an army.” Who am I to have such great support from all of you? Who am I to have someone of status like Jim and Nancy Petro advocating for me? I don’t have lawyers, doctors, politicians in my family, I’m just lil’ ole’ me.

Today I believe I am somebody and God is finding the best avenues for me and using the people he placed in great positions to help a “somebody” like me. Can you all imagine how I am feeling every time we get a little closer or some more great news and an abundance of signatures? Just imagine my roller coaster for one second… It’s not easy and I fight harder and harder with the thought of people forgetting and moving on, because all of this seems so surreal to me. I believe and know that one day I’ll be able to share my testimony, which will eventually cause a positive ripple effect for our younger generation.

One day soon my voice will be heard, because of the word that you all are spreading. Thank you. GOD has truly given me favor. In my spare time I write about my feelings, my journey, those who have an effect on me, those who come and inspire me, talk with me, pray with me and for me, and those who love me. I am doing great in my paralegal course. I will NEVER forget this fight, this is my life, and God willing nobody else will have to experience this. So far my favorite read is “False Justice” By Jim & Nancy Petro. This book carries a strong message to anyone who has been affected by the judicial system in one way or the other. “True justice is ‘a search for truth’ requiring constant vigilance, and is ultimately the responsibility of every citizen.” (Jim Petro)

The whole book speaks volumes of understanding. It literally speaks to me and about me, in so many words. Today I have embraced my suffering, but I have also embraced all of you. With a passion and appreciation for simply allowing me to be heard. My Soul rejoices that you all have given a powerful voice to my once silent screams for help. Thank you a million times for giving me, and my family hope. This fight will not go in vain!!!

Appreciation beyond reason,