Tyra’s clemency is supported by several elected officials including those listed below:

Jim PetroJim Petro was the Attorney General for the State of Ohio from 2003 to 2007 and the first Ohio attorney general to argue a case in the United States Supreme Court. Since leaving office, Mr. Petro has assisted the Ohio Innocence Project in fighting for the release of innocent prisoners who were wrongfully convicted. In 2014, Petro and his wife Nancy co-authored False Justice: Eight Myths that Convict the Innocent, which narrates Petro’s experience with wrongful criminal convictions and suggests ways to reform the justice system. Mr. Petro is a Republican.



Jean SchmidtJean Schmidt is a former Republican U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 2nd congressional district and the first woman to represent Cincinnati in the House. After beginning her career as a branch manager for her father’s bank, she was elected as a Miami Township trustee. She is a former president of Right-to-Life of Greater Cincinnati and also chaired the House Pro-Life Women’s Caucus. As a representative, she pushed legislation to make it easier for judges to sentence murders to life in prison without parole.



Peggy LehnerPeggy Lehner is a Republican state senator for the 6th District of the Ohio State Senate. Prior to her time as a state senator, she served a term in the Ohio House of Representatives as well as spending ten years on the Kettering City Council. She currently sits on several committees including the Health and Human Services Committee and the Criminal Justice Committee. Senator Lehner also serves as a co-chair of the Ohio Children’s Caucus, which helps to improve the lives of children across the state of Ohio.



Bill BeagleBill Beagle is a Republican state senator for the 5th District of the Ohio State Senate. Previously, he served as the council president of Tipp City Council where he organized the construction of a water plant and invested in local parks. He has served for years in small business affairs, local government, and the banking industry. Beyond his senatorial duties, Senator Beagle owns his own small business that addresses the needs of stay-at-home dads in the Dayton area.



John EklundJohn Eklund is a Republican state senator for the 18th District of the Ohio State Senate. He was tapped to serve as the Chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and is a member of the Civil Justice Committee. He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Ohio District Court Review. In addition to senatorial duties, he continues to practice law as a partner at Calfee, Halter, & Griswold LLP, specializing in anti-trust law.



william seitzWilliam J. Seitz is a Republican state senator for the 8th District of the Ohio State Senate. He began his career by serving on the Cincinnati Board of Education. He was elected Green Township Trustee twice. Before serving as a state senator, he worked in the Ohio House of Representatives and became the Chair of the Civil and Commercial Law Committee. He was rated best speechmaker by Columbus Monthly Magazine due to his lively approach to floor speeches. In 2009, Seitz introduced legislation to reduce prison overcrowding by changing criminal sentencing laws.