Tyra’s last memories of life outside of prison date back 20 years. The last time Tyra was free, Bill Clinton was president. Many of us cannot imagine missing a minute of what our friends post on Facebook or what life would be like not binge watching Netflix. Imagine how it feels to spend 20 years behind bars, missing out on everything that’s happening in the outside world.

In 1994 a lot was going on.

Tyra_08Here is what was happening the last time Tyra was free:

The highly acclaimed movie Forrest Gump came out

Major League Baseball players went on strike and the season was cancelled

The famous OJ Simpson Trial began

Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson

Space shuttle STS-68 (Endeavor 7) launched into Orbit

Nelson Mandela becomes president of South Africa

Now fast-forward the next 20 years:

David & Tyra

David & Tyra

Barack Obama became the 1st African American president of the United States

Jurrasic World came out

Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal

Michael Jackson died

9/11 Memorial opened in NYC

Sojourner rover landed on Mars


20 years is a long time. Imagine how different the neighborhood you grew up in would be. Tyra has not seen where she used to live in 20 years. New roads, new buildings, new businesses built, and old businesses gone. 20 years leaves a lot of space for change. Families change. Friends change. Over the course of 20 years, people move, die and have children. Tyra has missed all of this because she’s been in prison for two decades for a crime she did not commit. What would you miss if it were you?

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